Red Carpet - Membership Kit

Red Carpet - Membership Kit

I’m on your doorstep man, ringin’ your bell again.

This limited-edition merchandise bundle is exclusively available to Red Carpet members and is included with the purchase of an annual subscription.

It includes:

x Brody Mohawk T

x Canvas Back Patch (12″ x 16″)

x Enamel Pin Set

These are limited edition items and may change without warning.

After purchase and registration, an email with instructions to redeem your membership kit will be sent after purchase. A credit card will be required for shipping, handling, and applicable taxes. All membership sales are final.

Visit our FAQs for additional information on memberships, order processing time, international customs and duties, returns & exchanges and more.

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Alexx Gauvin

I am considering sneaking into the US from Canada to see you guys play. I knew I should have gotten a passport dammitttttt!!!

Justiño Heatherly

Is this legit… I mean I don’t wanna purchase and not receive it

Stinne Bjorholm

Hey guys,
I am so sad, have been crying my eyes out since May ?
I Can not get my “Red carpet membership kit” - i did pay the 45$ but when i should pay for the shipping, the system is getting very angry whit me because i live in Denmark ? Im sorry, but i do live here, and if the corona-shit was’nt here, i would love to go get it myself...
what to do? ❤️

Courtney Wiren

Thank you so much, finding out about this has made my year a whole lot better. ???

Steven Miller

Man... a new album would make this year a whole lot better... a lot of aggression to let out... could sound like a good idea haha

Philipp Bluhm

I dont have a credit card:(