Red Carpet - Membership Kit

Red Carpet - Membership Kit

I’m on your doorstep man, ringin’ your bell again.

This limited-edition merchandise bundle is exclusively available to Red Carpet members and is included with the purchase of an annual subscription.

It includes:

x Brody Mohawk T

x Canvas Back Patch (12″ x 16″)

x Enamel Pin Set

These are limited edition items and may change without warning.

After purchase and registration, an email with instructions to redeem your membership kit will be sent after purchase. A credit card will be required for shipping, handling, and applicable taxes. All membership sales are final.

Orders are typically processed within 5 working days, however, these times may change without warning due to inventory levels and other factors outside of our control related to the current global situation. Please allow 2-4 weeks from your redemption date for your membership kit to ship.

Orders shipping to destinations outside the United States might incur import fees and duties & taxes that are not reflected in our prices. Find more information in our FAQ’s.

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Courtney Wiren

Thank you so much, finding out about this has made my year a whole lot better. 🖤🖤🖤

Steven Miller

Man... a new album would make this year a whole lot better... a lot of aggression to let out... could sound like a good idea haha

Philipp Bluhm

I dont have a credit card:(