Red Carpet - Membership Kit

Red Carpet - Membership Kit

I’m on your doorstep man, ringin’ your bell again.

This limited-edition merchandise bundle is exclusively available to Red Carpet members and is included with the purchase of an annual subscription.

It includes:

x Brody Mohawk T

x Canvas Back Patch (12″ x 16″)

x Enamel Pin Set

These are limited edition items and may change without warning.

Visit our FAQs for additional information on memberships, order processing time, international customs and duties, returns & exchanges and more.

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Alexx Gauvin

I am considering sneaking into the US from Canada to see you guys play. I knew I should have gotten a passport dammitttttt!!!

Justiño Heatherly

Is this legit… I mean I don’t wanna purchase and not receive it

Stinne Bjorholm

Hey guys,
I am so sad, have been crying my eyes out since May ?
I Can not get my “Red carpet membership kit” - i did pay the 45$ but when i should pay for the shipping, the system is getting very angry whit me because i live in Denmark ? Im sorry, but i do live here, and if the corona-shit was’nt here, i would love to go get it myself...
what to do? ❤️

Courtney Wiren

Thank you so much, finding out about this has made my year a whole lot better. ???

Steven Miller

Man... a new album would make this year a whole lot better... a lot of aggression to let out... could sound like a good idea haha

Philipp Bluhm

I dont have a credit card:(