Live In Lockdown - Exclusive Vinyl (SOLD OUT)

Live In Lockdown - Exclusive Vinyl (SOLD OUT)


This limited edition pressing of “The Distillers – Live In Lockdown” on Bone & Smush color vinyl is available exclusively to Revenant members.

Each order will come with a free digital download of “Live In Lockdown.”


  1. Sick of It All (Live)
  2. Oh Serena (Live)
  3. L.A. Girl (Live)
  4. I Am a Revenant (Live)
  5. Sunsets (Live)
  6. Primary (Live)
  7. Dismantle Me (Live)
  8. Die on a Rope (Live)
  9. City of Angels (Live)

Limited to 2 units per Red Carpet member per order.

The digital album will be delivered by email after your purchase.

The Vinyl is a pre-order item and is expected to ship on November 21, 2021. Orders will ship complete when all items are available. If you would like to order items that are currently available, we suggest placing a separate order.

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Mike Persechino

Still waiting. Ordered some time in 2021. Order was successful, but still no record. Did i miss something?!

Daniel Gonzalez

Is there any way to change the ship-to address?
I cannot find any way to edit my existing order.

Ryan Schweizer

Anyone get theirs yet?

Jesse Sanders

not yet...

William Byers

...still waiting.
Any updates?

Natasha Padilla

I was wondering about this too. An update would be nice given vinyl was supposed to ship on November 21, 2021. I'm moving in March & hope it shows up before then.

Terra Poe

Still waiting :(

Josh Whitman

The Distillers kick ass and this show sounded great! I can’t wait for this beauty to arrive!

William Byers

Right on!

Filomena dos Santos

Pay extra 45 to buy one vinyl , this is not punk even rock n roll

Kevin Sanford


Kevin Sanford

I can’t check out. The button doesn’t work

Filomena dos Santos

Pay 45 bucks to be able to buy one vinyl ??? ?

Benedict Lal

Balls, unable to buy

Benedict Lal

Button Not working, unable to buy

Erik Clineschmidt

Hmmm would love to buy but the link doesnt work for me. Shows javascript:(void0); which must be blocking me for some reason? Bummer.

Kip Boatwright

Ordered!!!!! Stoked for the record but not the $16 for shipping…

Patrekur Kristinsson

The link works. But you need to be A Red Carpet member for it to show up in your cart.

Alison Black

Email should have been targeted to only blast Red Carpet members . . .

Daniel Piotrowski

You can order the other variants without a membership, different site tho

Dave Brown

Maybe it's time for them to take the link down or at least change the "Buy Now" to "Sold Out" instead... so no one else gets their hopes up.

Justin Moran-Abel

Appears to be working! Just bought mine about 10 minutes ago!!

Daniel Purdin

you have to pay the 45$ red carpet fee for the privilege of buying this exclusive vinyl.

David Leyvas

Houston. I think we have a problem..

Matt Bug

Methinks ‘tis sold out already. Ima have my parrot pluck me seein’ eye out! Argh! ☠️

Thomas Littner

not able to purchase =(

Matthew Yashian

Buy now not working…

Pat Sherwood

Is it sold out already?!?

Joey Cevallos


Alison Black

Link not working :(

Patricia Rogers

Me neither...I'll be patient.

Chris McCarthy

It won’t let me buy it ;(

Gary L Taylor

I can't either.

Bryan Nelson

Got my two copies

Rachid Amghar

scalper!!!! ban him!!

Thalia Allala

1st yes!