Ryan's NeverEnding Playlist

Ryan's NeverEnding Playlist

This is Ryan
What is goin’ on?

The Point: We’re gonna make The NeverEnding Associative Playlist

The Backstory:
In the early 2000s while we were driving back and forth across the nation in a van and trailer we played many, and I mean a fucking lot, of road games.

Like taking turns naming bands in an alphabetical order
Aphex Twin > Behemoth > Captain Beefheart > Duran Duran > Etcetera…

Or coming up with celebrity name associations:
Shaquille O’Neil Armstrong
Jack Black Francis
Elton John Fogerty

See, fun shit, right?

So I had an idea where we can share music, tell stories and have fun along the way
Basically, we’re just gonna keep adding songs/albums to The NeverEnding Associative Playlist with one simple rule:
There has to be a reason for the next song.
It can be anything, so long as it associates it to the previous song. Heck, as simple as it reminds me of “…”

I’ll start

I’m going with

History’s Stranglers

off The Bronx 2

The Bronx 2 (1)

cause it’s a rad song!


But one time, on the first day of a European tour, Jorma broke his arm and had to sit out the whole tour. A monstrous bummer for sure but a very kind and awesome dude named Fredo filled in on drums for the tour. He had some cool stories to share and taught me how to throat sing, which he learned in Tibet while there with the Beastie Boys.


So, Fredo Ortiz is my association from The Bronx to Beastie Boys and the next song is Sabotage off the 1994 album

Ill Communication


This might be my favorite Beastie’s song for several reasons, mostly because it sounds very simple musically when there’s really quite a bit going on.


The main bass riff is played 5 different ways in 3 different rhythms I tell ya!! (if you try to play along the trick is to follow Bobo)


So to go from here you’d pick a song/album that you somehow associate with Sabotage, or Beastie Boys, or a song that maybe sounds simple, or a song with 1 chord, sepia-toned album cover?, the first song you thought of when you heard the opening lyric


now, your pick, or whoever’s first and then next person pics something they associate with that song/album/band and so on and so on…


The NeverEnding Associative Playlist

Bonus points if you share the album art

TripleDoubleScoreBuster if you share a personal reason for a selection as well, like why you like that song, or lyric, or that one super sweet guitar-shredding drum fill

Let’s share some music and stories

and have a most excellent week