Posted by Justino

Your fans feel scammed

Still have not received my kit and I paid and it renewed and nothing…. I love the distillers but their merch people need to get it together…
This is really crazy… lots of us feel scammed… we paid for something and never received our things … if you were asking for donations fine… just please be open about things … would have been happy to donate to keep your site up . We all just want transparency and the services we paid for

Julie Tillar

YES! I’m still waiting on my 2022 membership kit that I paid for 7 months ago! All I’ve gotten is one shitty excuse after another. I love this band, but I’m done with this “special” treatment!

Maryam Missawi

Have you recieved it yet? I was just about to order the kit

Julie Tillar

I never received mine, and it’s been 7 months. I’d advise against wasting your time and money!