Posted by Justino

Your fans feel scammed

Still have not received my kit and I paid and it renewed and nothing…. I love the distillers but their merch people need to get it together…
This is really crazy… lots of us feel scammed… we paid for something and never received our things … if you were asking for donations fine… just please be open about things … would have been happy to donate to keep your site up . We all just want transparency and the services we paid for

Julie Tillar

It’s now February 2024, and I never did receive my 2022 membership kit. After about the first year, I couldn’t even get a response anymore when inquiring about the extreme delay. There’s just no excuse for this.

Alexander Murray

Did they ever fix this? And how can they post to you when there's no delivery details for you to input on site?

Julie Tillar

YES! I’m still waiting on my 2022 membership kit that I paid for 7 months ago! All I’ve gotten is one shitty excuse after another. I love this band, but I’m done with this “special” treatment!

Maryam Missawi

Have you recieved it yet? I was just about to order the kit

Julie Tillar

I never received mine, and it’s been 7 months. I’d advise against wasting your time and money!