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Welcome. We Are The Revenant

Hey friends!  We’re so stoked to have our new The Revenant members hang out with us.  Chill out here in the forum (or as we like to call it, The Den) to chat with other fans about anything and everything related to The Distillers.

If you have any questions, check out our FAQs or drop us a note at

Make sure to check this thread, we’ll be posting info on giveaways, exclusives, and other updates here.

Courtnee Robinson

Hey everyone!

Katarina Adderley

Hey I’m Kat from the UK!

Drew Bower

Hi everyone! So awesome to have this place :D

Thomas Rosamilia

Hi everyone! Greetings from NJ! Had the pleasure of seeing The Distillers in Philly in 2019 and I'm looking forward to seeing them again as soon as possible!

Chrissy Bishop

Ahahhaaa sup y'all?

Kalle Shikata

Hi guys!

Justin Moran-Abel

This is fucking great. Thanks guys!!!

Desiree Spangler

Hello everyone!

Andrea Calles

Hola desde México 🇲🇽

Jessica Glass

Hello new friends!

Gabriel Matuella

Greetings from Brazil 🤘🤘

Andrew Martin

Wow - this is so old school! I feel so 1998 right now. The Distillers' music has been fused into my bones and psyche - can't wait to chat lyrics, music, etc.

Reuben Smart

Hi everyone!!!

Frank Ponce


jesica gianella


Andy Parker

Hello 👋

Liz Frith


Maximilian Kim


Adriana Espinoza

Hello! :D

Annemarie Jansen

Hi everyone!

Tina Collinson

I'm at work but can't stop looking at this which may get me fired but it'll be well worth it!

Sarah McLean

Heyyyy girl! 🤪💕

Lena Annati

I'm so thankful for this site!

Laura Oliveira

hello all! i'd love to know if anyone here remembers the old fan-run distillers communities like deathhouse and bone-garden.

Andy Parker

I spent so much time on those🖤 ahhhh 00s memories

Trish Hartt

I was just about to come here and say that lol this reminds me so much of the old message boards 🖤

Heather Abrahamson

i am glad you guys liked my site! lots of good memories :)

Dylsn Freeman

I remember the bone-garden.

Anyone else go on kittyradio as well?

Emma Brindley

Yay!!! 💚

Emily Gonzales

🖤🖤 hey everyone!

Jennifer Limon


Jessie Oyler


Johnny Lawton

Hey 👋🖤

Victor Ramirez

Hello 🤟

Lisa Bellavia


Marina Melchers

Hello! <3

Kimberley Booth

Hello ! :D

Eloise Coone

Hello! <3

Lena Annati

Hi, Eloise!!!!!!!