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Hey there, kindred people! This could not be a more perfect time and/or place to announce a long-in-the-making project: The Distillers Podcast! Just like with The Sword Podcast and The Mastodon Podcast (where I've spoken with Kyle/Trivett from the band and Skinner, the album artist for Once More ‘Round The Sun, respectively), this show will have a flexible schedule, be recorded via Zoom, and published to Anchor (which auto-sends it to Apple/Spotify) and also to a dedicated YouTube channel. Created for the band and for all of us, The Distillers community, as a way to connect and create a chronicle of conversations about (and hopefully with) the band/band’s crew, diving into their history, their busy present and their bright and live-gig-filled future as well, hopefully it’ll be a show you’ll all enjoy 🤘 Great to meet you all, and I look forward to speaking with some of you soon! – Albert from Canberra, Australia (‘Canberra, Australia, Canberra, Australia’ :P)

Jessica Glass

Great idea! We need as much Distillers content as we can get!

Nadia Vazquez

oh hell yeah!