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thank you!

hello everyone!

tony here!

just popping on to say hello to all of you and to thank you for supporting us during this crazy time.

we hope you and your family and loved ones and everyone out there is doing ok and staying sane and healthy.

i was really moved by this today and wanted to share it with you.
it's a beautiful nine inch nails cover by sharon van etten that she did in part with a couple suicide prevention organizations.
it helped me today for sure… music and movies and art are the thing that have always kept me going, especially now.
just wanted to tell everyone to take it slow, be gentle with yourself and check in with your love ones. we all need help right now. check it out…

sending lots of love to you all. we can't wait to see you again. we have so much in store for you!
thanks again. take care.


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nicklas boman

Great cover for a great cause :)
"Forcing" yourself to smile, i personally, believe in. whether it is by watching cats on youtube, listening to a special song, watching some comedy series or whatever.