Posted by JessicaGlass

Still waiting?

Is anyone else still waiting for their member package to arrive? I signed up 30 minutes into them advertising the club, and paid for 1 day shipping but still nothing. I’m being as patient as I can!!

David Braime

Got confirmation this week, but also got clobbered for tax and particularly by the 'admin fee' of either UK Customs or FEDx. Oh well, I've got away with quite a few imports tax free in the past, so had to strike out eventually!

Christian Fernandes

I'm in Toronto and I just got the package in the mail. The signed print of Brody looks awesome!

The Revenant Admin

Hi! All orders will be out the door by the end of this weekend. Once the order is processed you'll get an email with tracking. Thanks so much for your patience while we got caught up!

Jessica Glass

Thanks for letting me know! Im so excited!

Jens Jung

Yeah same here. Still waiting.
No shipping Mail only the Order confirmation.

J.R. palomino

Got an email that included usps tracking. And, I didn't even pay for extra shipping! I'd reach out to support cause somethin doesn't seem right. Good luck!

J.R. palomino

Ugh, that sucks. Hope you get your ish soon!

When I was waiting for mine I kept thinking " it feels so still i could just die, just die"

Jessica Glass

Thanks, and good point! :P
Did you receive a tracking number or did it randomly just show up one day? I don’t know which one I’m anticipating anymore