Posted by Boll

Redcarpet order?

I have paid for the Redcarpet but I still haven't got the chance to pick size on my T-shirt or heard anything about how I will get the stuff that you have paid for in the Redcarpet. How and when will I get the chance to do that

Best Regards / Markus Boll

Paul Richard

It's not a scam bro, promise.

Jason Thomas

My experience was easy. Signed up, got email, responses to the mail, received stuff. Not discounting your difficulties but can’t imagine the experience is too different?

Joey Pacheco Jr

I’ve already received my pack and it is Awesome ! Patience people.

The Revenant Admin

Awesome - glad you're happy with it! More are going out the door!

The Revenant Admin

If you have not received your email with the link to redeem your membership kit simply log into your account and then visit and follow the steps.

All orders are shipping out of the US and all rates are set by the individual carriers. It's our goal to keep these costs as low as possible for you and our rates are already discounted.

We appreciate the feedback and will make sure additional information around rates or process is as readily available as possible.

Kits have started shipping, please allow 2-4 weeks for your orders to fully process and get out the door.

Thank you for joining The Revenant - we're stoked to have you.

Phillip Aragon

How’s anyone gotten info on the first 200 yet? Nothing yet here :(

Jessica Glass

I was just as confused as all of you as well. I emailed about it and then figured it out easy but I’m a little disappointed that shipping isn’t included in the package. I just paid $60 Canadian for the red carpet tier and then after picking my tshirt size I have to pay another $28 Canadian to ship internationally to me. And that’s no guarantee I’m even in the top 200 for the extra Brody autograph. I would have liked this to be more clear upon sign up but I understand there’s a lot that goes in to constructing something like this and would be easy to look things over.

Jessica Glass

I should add that I figured it out after they email responded and explained further what to do.

Desiree Spangler

Hi! I had the same issue and was told to go to and it will have you sign in and choose your size. It worked for me :)

Keith Little

Thanks Desiree, it worked for me also.

Markus Boll

Desiree Spangler Thank You so mutch, finally I got some useful information on what to do this worked out just fine

Markus Boll

It's weird that they don't give us more information or say anything about this at all so we know whats going to happend cause I understand that they have a lot to do when they do a thing like this but at the same time if you gonna do a thing like this you have to give us fans information so we don't get angry, sad and feeling cheated cause right now me and everyone else in the same situation feeling that

Markus Boll

And it seems like I will get no strait answer here either so if nothing is going to happend I would like to have my money back. The worst thing is that I'm not alone I have talked to a lot of people and we are many in the same situation that haven't get anything of what we paid for and that's just sad cause we all were looking forward to this

Thomas Rosamilia

Have you checked your email/spam folder? I just signed up and I got an email right away telling me to pick out my shirt size and filled it right out!

Markus Boll

Yes I check it every day that's why I'm trying to get some answers here cause so far I have paid for the Redcarpet but I got no shit at all for the money and now it's just starting to feel like a big scam-project and I have alsow send an email to: and they only told me:

"Thanks for reaching out. New support tickets are typically responded to within 48 hours of submission.

A representative will be in touch soon"

But no one has talk to me so what the fuck is going on?