Posted by nmisfit

old distillers forums....

old distillers forums....

Anyone here remember the old forums? on the distillers.com or even fan pages like bone-garden.com?

I ´ve got a huge collection of band photos, fan art, magazine articles, brody related stuff….all from those early 2000´s platforms….
would you peeps be interested in that? If so, where can we post whole batches of photos, and not only one per post?

great to see a forum rising again!

nicklas boman

by the way, you can Kind of see what the sites might have looked like, but most things not at all working, via the way back machine

https://web.archive.org/web/20070223192625/http://web360.xps8.microserver.de/1/news.php (this seems to be bone-garden)

Matthew Ware

Yes. I remember the old forums

The Revenant Admin

Would you all like it if we added an Archives gallery to the site similar to art the and tattoo ones?

Tiffany Baez

Omg Yes, i was a prominent forum regular, I won't say my old username for reasons but I loved that forum.

As for Distillers and Spinnerette media, I think Dropbox, Google Docs, any cloud service would work. You can upload the media to a cloud service and create Sharing links to for fans to click on them via the Distillers website, and that would take them directly to the specific file or multiple files to view it and download it

nicklas boman

That would be awesome. Maby setup a special (i mean not your personal. to avoid accidently sharing something private) onedrive or dropbox account and share a link?

Saoirse Madden

I'd be highly interested in that. Please do!

Courtnee Robinson

Yes please!