Posted by TommyG714

Membership kit

How long does it take to get an email update on your membership kit? I still haven’t.

Julie Tillar

Good question! Mine renewed in July. I got an email in August that it was shipping. It’s now October and I’m still empty handed. They’ve had my money for months without even providing an update or giving me any way to contact customer service. I love this band wholeheartedly, but this is unacceptable!

Jennifer Lujan

i ordered mine in august, got shipping confirmation in sept. i contacted the email at the bottom of my confirmation when i saw the package hadnt moved or been taken to be shipped mid sept. theyve contacted back twice that theyre looking into it but still nothing or no answer as to why and its almost november.

Julie Tillar

Same thing is happening to me - I inquire why it hasn’t shipped and the only reply I get is to “wait a few more weeks.” They’ve had my money for months. Don’t think I’ll be renewing again…