Posted by JoeyPacheco13

Just curious because it’s Hard to find ...

Who has the original Pressing of Coral Fang on Vinyl? Marbled/Gray vinyl, Plastic sleeve to cover the actual photo Woman cover on the sleeve. I don’t think there’s too many in existence

Alfonso Encarnacion

I have one sealed that I managed to snag a few years ago. Damn lucky tbh. That and the Sour Puss 7" are the crown jewels of my collection.

Joey Pacheco Jr

That the Record Store Day release ?

Alfonso Encarnacion

Nah, the original 2004 release from Tarantulas. Still sealed and everything. Can't post pics as a reply, so can't really show it here.

Justin Moran-Abel

I have one as well. Released by tarantula records. Limited to 500 if i remember correctly. The self titled Bronx album (bronx 1 since they are all self titled) was released at the same time.

Joey Pacheco Jr

Yeah. The Bronx opened for them those shows. I got mine at Slims in SF.

Jason Thomas

They are spendy but I crave one as well. Just ordered the new indie store vinyl...waiting impatiently!

Kittie Perez

I wish I had one... but I’ve seen a few for sale on the discogs community for $180+

Laura Oliveira

i have one! bought it when it released, bundled with a gig poster (either the emek one for the bowery show, or the blue girl one for a show in hamburg). it was my first vinyl and poster purchase, been collecting ever since.