Posted by LightoftheNorth

just a fan-post

I'am just wanna writte here: idk but i think:
I'm probably really your biggest fan. Brody, Tony and the band.

Can here your Music all the Day&Night.
I do … (sometimes)
And Yes: for 19 Year's from Now!
Maybe there is something wrong with me?
And the best: I don't even understand the lyrics. My English is not very good. In my head I understand the lyrics in the meantime differently than in the translation.

I wish I could hear some non-official songs from you guys. Just guitar from a band practice would do me fine
For a change

or maybe the Tokio cassette tape?
And the Toy Soldiers cover I never heard all the way through either

But that's okay, I'll settle for the vocals too.
Love you Pancakemountain

PS: You need more songs accompanied by violin