Posted by nana.moreau

I’m so sad I haven’t gotten see the band live yet

Who else can relate?

Katarina Adderley

I finally saw them last year at Reading UK the day before my birthday.. literally the best birthday everrrr!

Jens Jung

Heres my sad Story ;)
A Friend of mine gave me a Tape and asked if i could get the Names of the Bands on it.
On this Tape i discovered "The Distillers" and fell in Love instantly.
After searching for more i was shocked cause the Band has split ;O
Years later Spinnerette came up and i was able to see a Show in Cologne but i never saw "The Distillers" Live.
Maybe one Day...

Jessica Glass

I waited 16 years for them to get back together and finally tour close enough to me to go. Worth the wait entirely. I’d do it again if I had to, but I’d rather not :P

Justin DaFonte

The band should do an online concert for The Revenant.

J.R. palomino

That's what I'm talking about!

Sean O'Brien

Same. Missed them at reading last year due to treatment. Missed Brody the year before on her tour of UK again due to treatment.

So got tickets to the Amsterdam show I was determined to make... Then Covid :-/ need to hang around a bit longer I guess.

Don't worry we'll all get our chances 🙏

Kimberley Booth

I havent seen them. Had a ticket but too anxious to go years ago. Have agoraphobia so im stuffed haha

Justin Moran-Abel

They'll be back!!!