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How did you find The Distillers?

Hey, so how did you find out about The Distillers?
Seen them on a show or festival?
Music magazine, tv, radio, youtube, myspace? 🙂

Myself saw them on tv back around 2003ish with the Young crazed peeling video (not sure if it was on Headbangers ball or some swedish variant of alternative music videos). But was unfortunately not able to find a CD to buy so i forgot about them…

Fast forward 17 years, covid, have never seen so much music videos and such on Youtube. Im 7 layers deep, watching some musicvideo, clicking something new on the bottom right … then i click the Young crazed peeling video. Goosebumps and flashbacks hit.

love the photos here 🙂

Andrew Lasky

I sadly can't recall how I first heard of them, but I stumbled on their debut album about two years after its release, and shortly after Sing Sing came out too, but I was definitely listening to their first album a lot more then. To this day I have a ton of wonderful memories tied up into it (I was listening to that album constantly and on repeat at the time). It's now to the point were I honestly can't listen to that album any more...unless I wanna have a total breakdown cause of said memories. I've tried once or twice since then (2002), but shortly after that opening guitar hit on "Oh Serena" I was like: Nope...can't do that right now. Maybe someday I'll actually get around to listening to that album again...

I have yet to see them live although I was thinking of doing it when they were in NYC a while back now (stupidly didn't pull the trigger on getting tickets...womp womp). Since that first album, I've been a listener to everything else they put out. I missed the initial release of Man Vs. Magnet / Blood in Gutters back in '18 though, mainly cause I had no clue they were making a comeback...until I found it of course. All in all though, The Distillers had and always will have a special place in my heart and mind. :)

Steve Ciccarelli

The first Give Em the Boot, or the early tours with AFI who were my like Beatles - and I really was into it, but Coral fang turned me into a lifer. One of my best friends and get to share this all too, as we're the only big distillers fans we know. Can't wait to hear the new music, I loved that 7" a whole lot.

Jessica Glass

It was about 2005 when I was watching The Punk Show on Much Music (Canadian version of MTV at the time), when this awesome sounding video came on and I saw a female liberty spiked punk singing front and center. I couldn’t take my eyes away and as soon as it ended and they showed the song and band name again, I ran straight to the computer and looked up “The Distillers- City of Angels”. I bought all 3 albums and soon after was so devastated to discover that they had gone on hiatus as I was just becoming old enough to start going to shows. Last spring I finally got the chance to see them after 14 years of believing it would never come true. Distillers Forever m/

Brittany Garcia

I think it was 2003. I saw a full-page photo of Brody, Andy, and Ryan in a magazine. The second I saw Brody's mohawk I knew I had to find their music. I fell in love instantly and they've been my favorite band ever since.

Alfonso Encarnacion

On MTV, they had this show that had behind the scenes look into things like music videos or movie. On one episode, they showed the development of Spider-Man 2 the video game, and it was just a 30 minute ad for a product. Near the end, they explained how the Spider-Man theme was too old fashioned for modern sensibilities, and they had commissioned a band called The Distillers to record a new version, a version so good that Stan Lee gave The Distillers a hearty endorsement and used it as the song for the credits. Been a fan since. Thanks Spider-Man!

nicklas boman

Awesome stories :)

J.R. palomino

Rockband had Drain the Blood and after playing once I had to hear more. Got into em late, but no looking back. A stab in the dark, a new day has dawned.

Carolyn Luke

I was 15, getting a haircut and saw in one of the magazines a small blurb about the Distillers with a pic of Brody playing guitar. I was so stoked to see a woman up front playing guitar in a punk band! It's weird to think of it now, but in the early 2000's it was not a common thing to see other girls playing heavy music at least not where I grew up. My sister and I were in a 3-piece punk/reggae/metal band in high school and it was just everything to see a possible future at that age.

Lennie Kanno

I went to the last two shows of the tour (Long Beach, CA) that had The Distillers / Garbage / No Doubt in 2002. The local radio station KROQ was playing City of Angels at the time which led me to find the two albums and listen to them nearly non-stop leading up to the show. For the first show, I was unpleasantly surprised by how long the security line was and by the time made it to seats, it was exactly the set change from The Distillers to Garbage. Had perhaps some life changing luck as my sister in law had an extra ticket for the next night. Arrived way early that time and thus my first Distillers show. About a year later, I saw them play in a Best Buy parking lot for a KROQ calendar event, a Surf Rider benefit in San Juan Capistrano and then a show at Slim's in San Francisco. Before the Slim's show, I was enough of a fan to drive from LA to SF to see them. After the Slim's show, I was probably more fanatic than just fan

Thomas Rosamilia

I think it was the summer of 2010 and I was getting real deep into a punk phase and just started looking up different bands and rosters on more punk oriented record labels. Looked up The Distillers and watched the Young Crazed Peeling video and the rest was history :)

Courtnee Robinson

I had a friend who is a fan of The Distillers, she adores Brody, so I was curious and checked it out. Fell in love with the music instantly :)