Posted by Distillers_85

Halloween Special

Thought it was brilliant!! Are "She" and "Sunset" from the new album??

J.R. palomino

Fucking awesome!!! Loved that spooky version of Coral Fang. Gives me chills every time I listen to it. The production was fuckin amazing!

nicklas boman

Yeah that was an awesome .
But, Mandy, Mandy? Mandy!? :) Nic cage has done close to 100 movies, that one is on the top of the weirdness scale.

Kat Anderson

Mandy is hysterical. There is nothing better than a packed cinema laughing and applauding as Nic Cage alternates between shrieking, crying and downing a bottle of vodka in a bathroom after his wife has been burned alive by a religious cult. Ahhhh... I need to watch it again methinks.

nicklas boman

hmm haha okey yeah did not understand that one... :)

Saoirse Madden

Absolutely loved the performance. It was such a great idea on their part. I am very, very excited to hear the new album!
Thank You <3

Kristopher Jennings

So great! Made my whole week!

Kevin Girard

That was such a cool performance. It definitely took my mind off the obvious situation we're dealing with.
Thank you!

Katarina Adderley

Thankyou for the special! Made my night ❤️ Dismantle me was my fav and was great getting to know you with the q and a x

Diego Stern

She is a misfits cover

Amanda Thomas

OK so I know "She" is a Misfits song now. "Sunsets" is awesome though. I can't wait for this new album!!!!!