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Cover Idea

I’m not always right about this sort of thing (matter of fact never) but this morning I was listening to an album that I was into in 2009 by a band that really did some great work (I thought) the singer, Aja Volkman had a voice that hit me hard back then and this morning I listened to the album again and found it’s still a great piece of art. The band is Nico Vega and the song is Be Giving (probably my favorite track) I had the thought it might be cool to hear The Distillers cover the song maybe just live? Idk. I was a musician once and had to stop playing due to extreme hearing loss (I read lips now I can hear to a degree however) I’m sure y’all heard of them back in the day. Aka was so talented as is Brody as well as The Distillers. I know they would do a great job with this.

Stan Shady

I misspelled *Aja’s name at the end of my post. (Sacrilege)

Chris Destroyz

thanks for the discovery of this great band