Posted by StanShady5280

Coral Fang

Over the years I've listened to a ton of music. Like some of us I'm a musician and I have songs and complete albums that I view as great. (Keeping in mind this tends to be subjective) Coral Fang in particular is one of those albums for me. I went back over recent months and listened to the albums in my past up to date that I feel are just great pieces of work from start to finish. (The Strokes Room On Fire, Smashing Pumpkins Gish and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club's Howl to name a few, and Coral fang is probably to date my favorite record of all time when I consider many factors in regard to all of them that I've listened to lately. What a great piece of art. Great band. I've listened to much of Brody Dalles other music, trying to keep out of my mind she interests me as an artist in her own right, The Distillers as a band are just amazing. I watched Live In Lockdown and was absolutely blown away by their abilities as a live band. The cover of the Cure's Primary is amazing. (I was in a band that covered Boys Don't Cry, so I found that very cool) there's no bull **** with this band. No gimmicks. Just them, their instruments and their music. What a gift. I'm sure they've heard it for years and have had people post things similar to this in admiration of their music so this is mine. Beautiful music and amazing art. Don't stop. WOW.